31 December 2012

Go! Edit PSP camera app: XMB mod

I have modified the EBOOT.PBP file of the Go! Edit camera application for those who like to customize their PSPs & personalize them. I made the colors of ICON0 warmer, added a PIC1 (background) that took me about an hour to completely finish, & added music that was originally played during the PS Vita initial setup. :D

If you don't already have Go! Edit, download it from here (direct link):

Now enter the folder where the EBOOT.PBP is placed & replace it with the following file (indirect link):


At last, put the folder the EBOOT.PBP file is in in the PSP/GAME folder on your Memory Stick or Internal Storage. Go to the XMB>Game & launch the app from there!

*Note: You need the PSP camera known as Go! Cam or Chotto Shot for the app to work correctly. If you don't have this camera, see here (indirect link) & follow the instructions included with the download. ;)

Hope you like it! :)

Source: Wololo Talk


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