25 May 2014

The World Is Ours (EA Sports version) + {mundial mix}

We're getting closer to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, so almost everyone has their flags on their cars, commercials about the tournament have filled sports channels, & the official video game by EA Sports has been released. With all this, I decided to do this post, which is my first non-PS related one.
So the official song is We Are One (Ole Ola) by American rapper of Cuban origin, Pitbull, featuring American singer of Puerto Rican origin, Jennifer Lopez, along with Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. The song will be along with other songs on the official album of the 2014 world cup: One Love, One Rhythm. The album includes La La La (Brasil 2014), a remake of Dare (La La La) by Colombian singer of Lebanese & Spanish origins, Shakira. The remake features Brazilian singer Carlinhos Brown. The album also features the song Vida by Costa Rican singer Ricky Martin.

The album features the song that this article is about: The World Is Ours. But the version in the album isn't the original song, but it's a CocaCola celebration mix, which has Brazilian singer, The X Factor winner, David Correy, singing vs. American singer Aloe Blacc. The original song has different versions, but all feature David Correy. The most known version is the normal song name The World Is Ours, featuring Brazilian singer Monobloco. The second known version is Todo Mundo, which has those two singing along with Gaby Amarantos, singer of the same nationality. The third known version doesn't feature Monobloco, but instead it features Mexican singer Paty Cantù, & Puerto Rican singer Wisin, singer from duo group Wisin & Yandel.

At the beginning of this article, I said that the 2014 world cup game was released. It was, for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. It is named EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. This game features We Are One (Ole Ola), as well as The World Is Ours, which is the main song on the game's trailer. The version included in the song is different, & it's the one I liked the most, because it has something special. Because I couldn't find the song anywhere on the web, & because Shazam failed to identify it, I decided to record it from the game & upload it to YouTube. Many people were also searching for it. So here it is, for everyone who wants it:
Here's a mix I made between The World Is Ours (EA Sports version) & La Copa De Todos. Hope you like it.

24 January 2013

Multi-Menu Loader v2 for UNO exploit [ EU | US | JP ]

All PS Vita CEF users have heard of Mishka84's Multi-Menu Loader, which includes the menus made for eCFW & many other options. However, don't confuse this with Acid_Snake's multiBootMenu, like I did before he reminded me. :lol:

This one's an unofficial v2 release by me, & in it the things users usually don't like are made better. For example, they don't want a credits menu... removed! :) They don't like seeing the app name instead of seeing eCFW... also fixed! Everything looks like original from unknown develolpers! :D

This version has much better graphics in all menus, + Netfront Browser MOD 6.

EU version
US version
JP version
(All are indirect MediaFire links)

MP3 version for directly downloading to PS Vita: (only for EU)

MP3 Procedure: (It's too easy, don't be afraid)
If you're wondering why the .mp3 file is available for download, it's there so you can download it directly from your PS Vita. Once you have, on use PSP Filer to do the following:
1. Make a folder called MUSIC in the root of the Memory Card (storage)
2. All music on your PS Vita should show up in there
3. Find the name of the .mp3 file you just downloaded (e.g MultiMenuLoader.RAR.mp3)
4. rename it to MultiMenuLoader.RAR >ONLY<, without putting .mp3
5. extract the archive to the exploit save data folder
6. Quit PSP Filer  
7. A soon as you quit, it will come up automatically! :) Enjoy!
*Note: If it shows an error, exit UNO then relaunch it, it must work then. :)

Tool on Wololo.net/Downloads:

*NOTE: Dejectedly this only works for the UNO exploit. The Urbanix exploit only loads the menu (if its save files such as PARAM.SFO weren't replaced) without being able to load any other menu/tool, depending on SMOKE's test. :(

Mishka84 for the source code
NNNRT for the unofficial release
hgoel0974 for beta testing & some suggestions
SMOKE for beta testing
Minimur12 for the .mp3 version
And a big THANKS to all developers of PSP emulators for the Vita & their menus, and everyone who made it possible:
Total_Noob, neur0n, Coldbird, Acid_Snake, wololo, The Z, Frostegator, SMOKE, Yosh, Mediumgauge, 5h4d0w, Teck4,  Virtous Flame, the Pro team, Minimur12 & everyone else who I have forgotten!:D

31 December 2012

Go! Edit PSP camera app: XMB mod

I have modified the EBOOT.PBP file of the Go! Edit camera application for those who like to customize their PSPs & personalize them. I made the colors of ICON0 warmer, added a PIC1 (background) that took me about an hour to completely finish, & added music that was originally played during the PS Vita initial setup. :D

If you don't already have Go! Edit, download it from here (direct link):

Now enter the folder where the EBOOT.PBP is placed & replace it with the following file (indirect link):


At last, put the folder the EBOOT.PBP file is in in the PSP/GAME folder on your Memory Stick or Internal Storage. Go to the XMB>Game & launch the app from there!

*Note: You need the PSP camera known as Go! Cam or Chotto Shot for the app to work correctly. If you don't have this camera, see here (indirect link) & follow the instructions included with the download. ;)

Hope you like it! :)

Source: Wololo Talk

12 December 2012

Custom emulator EBOOTs

Here are EBOOTs for most PSP emulators made in a better way. Just replace the EBOOT.PBP file for each corresponding emulator.

10 December 2012

OpenBricks 1.1 mod

On 26 September 2012, PSP developer Ryp released the PSP homebrew "OpenBricks" which is a tetris game (See psp.qj.net/openbricks). The game did not have an icon nor a background on the XMB. But fortunately I was able to create them by using the Digital Comics logo, & I changed the splash image (the image that loads when you boot the game).